06. Feb 2024 – 07. Feb 2024
Munich Airport

RetailLoco Europe

Hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association, this two day event with over 250+ attendees will feature speakers exploring the location based marketing over the course of a customer’s day – in coproduction with Munich Airport

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RetailLoco Europe 6 Feb 2023 - 7 Feb 2024

RetailLoco 2024 with co-host Munich Airport’s retail department.

In February 2024, traders, shop managers, trade managers, shopping city representatives, and many more will gather in Munich for the RetailLoco event, a two-day meeting with over 250+ participants. This event provides a unique opportunity to explore innovative technologies in retail, media, marketing, technology, facility, and logistics management.

During this event, high-profile speakers will focus on location-based marketing and demonstrate how it can be shaped throughout a customer’s day. Be a part of this groundbreaking event where industry leaders exchange ideas, discuss innovative approaches, and shape the future of retail.

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Side Event: SocialCEO – 6. – 7. Februar 2024

06. Feb 2024 – 07. Feb 2024

1. Day: In the exclusive setting of Munich Airport.

2. Day: In a sporty and exclusive environment, such as the FC Bayern Fan Lounge.

Networking for executives on the topic of future-oriented communication through social media: brand building, CEO positioning, and reputation management.

The side event “Social CEO 2024” from February 6 to 7, 2024, is an exclusive annual gathering for mid-sized C-level executives and takes place in conjunction with RetailLoco. The main theme is the enhancement of corporate reputation through a dialogue-oriented HR culture and contemporary social media communication. The conference offers workshops and discussions on topics such as leadership in social media, corporate influencers, corporate reputation, network building, and community management. The goal is to assist executives in adapting to the evolving social media landscape and strengthening corporate reputation. The target group includes CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs, and HR management of mid-sized companies in the service and production sectors.

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RetailLoco Program 2024

Upcoming Topics

Day 1
06 Feb 2024


Welcome to RetailLoco Conference 2024! We are thrilled to open the doors to RetailLoco 2024, the premier event for retail and location-based marketing enthusiasts, innovators, and professionals. As you step into this dynamic conference, prepare to immerse yourself in a world where the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in retail...
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Carsten Szameitat

KEYNOTE: Everything is Local – Experiential Store

As retail looks to reposition how brick-and-mortar stores fit into the customer journey, experience has become a key marker. Shops are looking to give customers things that can’t be easily replicated online, and creating tactile, engaging experiences has become top of the list.  
Asif Khan

MUNICH AIRPORT Keynote – Revolutionizing Airport Commerce

The Munich Airport Keynote: Retail in a Port is a groundbreaking session that delves into the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of airport retail. This keynote addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of retail operations within an airport environment, a sector that has undergone significant transformation in recent years. As...
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Stefan U. Koenen

Panel-XR for Retail: Transforming Shopping with Extended Reality

The “Panel-XR for Retail” is a forward-thinking discussion focused on the integration and impact of Extended Reality (XR) technologies in the retail sector. This panel brings together a blend of technology innovators, retail industry leaders, and digital experience designers to explore how XR – encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality...
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Arne Schönleben


This panel, “The Convergence of CTV (Connected TV) and Location-Based Advertising,” is a deep dive into the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, where the realms of connected television and location-based targeting are intersecting in innovative ways. As advertisers seek more precise and effective methods to reach audiences, the integration...
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Fabian Burgey
Matthias Lange

KEYNOTE: AI in Retail Storytelling – Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

In the digital age, retail storytelling has transcended traditional boundaries, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this transformation. The keynote “AI in Retail Storytelling: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement” delves into the innovative ways AI is being utilized to craft compelling narratives in the retail space. This session explores...
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PANEL: The Rise of City Management by KPIs – Transforming Urban Governance

The panel discussion on “The Rise of City Management by KPIs” delves into the increasingly data-driven approach to urban governance and management. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become vital tools for city administrators and policymakers, offering measurable and objective criteria to assess, manage, and improve the performance of various urban...
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Sebastian Deppe

PANEL: Hospitality Re-Invention: Navigating the New Era of Guest Experience

In an era where the hospitality industry is rapidly evolving, this panel discussion, “Hospitality Re-Invention: Navigating the New Era of Guest Experience,” brings together a diverse group of industry leaders and innovators to explore the future of hospitality. As guest expectations shift and technology advances, the industry faces both challenges...
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Alexander Breuckelmann, Geschäftsführer bei Selecta Deutschland GmbH (i.A)
Dr. Volker Glaeser


In the highly competitive world of retail, creating outstanding customer experiences is key to attracting and retaining customers. The panel “Creating Great Customer Experiences in Retail: Strategies for Success” focuses on the innovative strategies and practices that leading retailers are employing to delight customers and stand out in the market....
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Day 2
07 Feb 2024


During this session we will highlight some of the best case studies showing the deployment of innovative technology in our industry.

After last slot from 5.30 pm until 8.00 pm


Live Band – Taxi Richtung Hoamat

Join us on the Bavarian evening with drinks and appetizers to socialize and network with other professionals involved in the industry.

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Award Ceremony


The Best Retail Case Awards May 2023 award various solutions from the eCommerce and retail software products. In this round of awards, you will get to know some application examples with which retail and its service partners are equipping themselves for the challenges of the present and the future. 

Award Cases

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RetailLoco is organized by the international trade association for location-based technology solutions and marketing. With 1,400 members from 20 countries, it promotes exchange in the digital stationary retail world.

Every RetailLoco partner is automatically listed in the Best Retail Cases database. The initiative of the LBMA collects and shows cases around retail. In addition, the best applications and installations are honored with the Best Retail Cases Award.


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