11 Apr 2024
09:50 – 10:40
Main Stage


The Munich Airport Keynote: Retail in a Port is a groundbreaking session that delves into the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of airport retail. This keynote addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of retail operations within an airport environment, a sector that has undergone significant transformation in recent years. As airports become more than just travel hubs and evolve into complex, multifaceted commercial spaces, this session explores how retail can thrive in this unique setting.

Discussion Points:

1. The Evolution of Airport Retail: An overview of how airport retail has changed over the years, especially in the wake of recent global events. What are the new trends shaping the future of retail in airports?

2. Innovative Retail Strategies: Examining cutting-edge retail strategies tailored for airport environments. How can retailers create engaging, memorable shopping experiences for transient customers?

3. Digital Transformation: The role of digital technology in enhancing the retail experience at airports. From e-commerce platforms to digital payment solutions, how is technology being leveraged to meet the needs of modern travelers?

4. Customer Experience and Personalization: Strategies for personalizing the retail experience in airports. How can data analytics and customer insights be used to tailor offerings and improve service?

5. Sustainability in Airport Retail: Discussing the importance of sustainable practices in airport retail operations. How are retailers addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable consumption?

6. Collaboration and Partnerships: The importance of collaboration between airport authorities, retailers, and other stakeholders. How can effective partnerships lead to more successful retail ventures?



The “Session-XR for Retail” is a forward-thinking discussion focused on the integration and impact of Extended Reality (XR) technologies in the retail sector. This panel brings together a blend of technology innovators, retail industry leaders, and digital experience designers to explore how XR – encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) – is revolutionizing the retail landscape. As XR technologies become more accessible and sophisticated, they offer unprecedented opportunities for creating immersive and engaging shopping experiences, both in-store and online.

Discussion Points:

1. Understanding XR in Retail: An introduction to XR technologies and their current and potential applications in retail settings. How are VR, AR, and MR being used to transform the shopping experience?

2. Enhancing Customer Engagement:*Exploring ways XR can be used to create more engaging, interactive, and personalized shopping experiences. How do these technologies help in building deeper connections with customers?

3. Bridging Online and Offline Worlds: Discussing the role of XR in blending the digital and physical retail spaces. How can retailers use XR to enhance in-store experiences and, conversely, bring elements of the physical store into the digital realm?

4. Innovative Use Cases and Success Stories: Sharing real-world examples and case studies where XR has been successfully implemented in retail. What lessons can be learned from these pioneering experiences?

5. Challenges and Solutions: Addressing the technical, logistical, and financial challenges of implementing XR in retail environments. What solutions exist or are being developed to overcome these hurdles?

6. Future Trends and Predictions: Speculating on the future of XR in retail. What emerging technologies and trends should retailers be aware of, and how might these shape the future of shopping?

Who Should Attend:
This keynote is ideal for airport executives, retail & store managers, business strategists, marketing professionals, technology providers & developers, digital marketers and sustainability advocates.

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