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About us

The Location Based Marketing Association is a group dedicated to the fostering of a community of interest around all avenues of advertising and marketing as it relates to location-specific opportunities. This community is comprised of mobile, out-of-home, digital and print advertisers.
Our goal is simple…

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Weekly Podcast and Events

In our weekly podcast and with our global conferences, we inform our members and friends about advancing research, education, and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places, and media. Our goal is to educate, share best practices, set guidelines for growth, and promote member services to brands and other content providers.

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Best Retail Cases

The Best Retail Cases platform, an LBMA initiative, takes you to the most interesting and valuable installations and solutions in various cities and online marketplaces around the globe. Learn how successful brands are redefining the shopping experience and how trends will change the point of sale in the future.

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Our Mission

  • To be the global voice of the place-based marketing industry
  • To create opportunities for collaboration and innovation for member companies
  • To promote the effective use of location-based marketing solutions
  • To increase public acceptance of location-based marketing solutions
  • To help members run their businesses more profitably, with growth and reduced risks and costs
  • Creating market awareness for provider members and providing them with business opportunities, contacts and resources
  • Help members find solutions to their problems and improve ROI around location-based marketing services

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