Nathan Pettyjohn

VR/AR Association

Nathan Pettyjohn

VR/AR Association


As the CEO of Immerse Growth Network, I’m on a mission to help over 100 million people achieve greater levels of professional success in immersive and emerging technology businesses. Our team has a unique blend of large corporate company experience and emerging start-up experience, combined with one of the world’s most significant networks of thought leaders in immersive and emerging technology businesses through the VR/AR Association.

I’m the Founder & President of the VR/AR Association – the largest global professional trade organization in VR and AR, consisting of the leading companies and people in virtual reality and augmented reality. The association is designed to foster research and industry case studies and help promote and connect member companies and individuals across all verticals of the marketplace.

Previously, as the AR/VR Lead at Lenovo, I managed a team and led the global go-to-market strategy for Lenovo’s ThinkReality enterprise augmented reality and virtual reality hardware and software solutions.

Previously I was the Chief Marketing Officer of Quantum Capture, building high-fidelity virtual humans powered by artificial intelligence.

Previously I was the Founder & CEO of Aisle411, a leading indoor navigation and augmented reality software services company. Responsibilities included being the product visionary and leading the major strategic client and partner relationships.

I speak and keynote conferences on the subjects of mobile platforms, augmented reality and virtual reality and have been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg and TechCrunch.

18+ years experience in mobile services & technology with a focus on strategic alliances, business development, product marketing and sales strategy. I have an in-depth understanding of mobile technology, location platforms, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital marketing and enterprise systems strategy.

• Global GTM (go-to-market) planning of software and hardware
• Business, sales and marketing growth training
• Partner Relationship Management
• Market Research
• Strategic Planning
• Team Leadership
• Usability
• Saas Software Sales
• Relationship Building
• New Business Development
• Product Management
• Business Plans
• Competitive Analysis
• Solution Selling
• Product Launch
• Technology Strategy
• Augmented Reality
• Virtual Reality
• Consumer Electronics
• AI
• Real Estate Technology
• Proptech
• Growth Strategies
• Strategic Leadership

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Keynote:  Metaverse Moves & Digital Twins

01 Nov 2023
11:30 – 12:15 PM  


01 Nov 2023
12:20 - 14:05
12:20 PM – 2:05PM