Tom Daly – Owner – Relevant Ventures

Tom Daly – Owner – Relevant Ventures


My work has impacted millions of businesses (UPS) and billions of people (Coca-Cola) on a global basis. Balancing the “big picture” with day-to-day realities, I apply my experience to lead enterprise-level strategies that accelerate and amplify the use of both established and emerging technologies to have a positive business impact.

I have caught lightning in a bottle. Twice. (Actually, I caught it first in a box and then in a bottle.)

Specialties: Mobile marketing, interactive marketing, search marketing, partnerships/alliances, large scale web site development/management, diplomacy, brand building, emerging trends, “intrapreneurship”, seeing around corners, turning large and complex organizations toward a no-going-back future.

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24 Apr 2024
15:40 - 16:00
03:40–04:00 pm