PANEL 1: The Experiential Venue

13 Jun 2023

PANEL 1: The Experiential Venue

Moderator: Asif Khan, President The LBMA

In recent years, the concept of the “experiential store” has emerged as a major trend in retail. This panel will explore what an experiential store is, why it’s become so popular, and how retailers are using this concept to drive engagement and sales.

We will hear from experts in retail UX design, consumer psychology, and marketing, who will share insights into the key elements of an experiential store, such as immersive environments, interactive displays, and personalized experiences. We will also discuss the role of technology in creating these experiences, from augmented reality and virtual reality to mobile apps and social media.

Additionally, we will examine the impact of experiential stores on the overall retail landscape, including how they are changing consumer expectations and forcing traditional retailers to adapt. Finally, we will discuss the future of experiential retail, including new technologies and strategies that will continue to drive innovation in this space.

By bringing together a diverse group of experts, this panel aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the experiential store and its role in shaping the future of retail.


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