PANEL 4: The Rise of Retail Media Networks

13 Jun 2023
15:00 - 15:50

PANEL 4: The Rise of Retail Media Networks

Moderator: Asif Khan

The world of retail is undergoing a transformation, with the rise of retail media networks playing a major role in this shift. This panel will explore the emergence of retail media networks, the opportunities they present for retailers and brands, and the impact they are having on the wider retail landscape.

Retail media networks are essentially advertising platforms that enable retailers to monetize their first-party shopper data by allowing brands to place targeted ads on their digital properties. By leveraging their data on customer preferences and behaviors, retailers can offer highly personalized ad experiences that drive sales and engagement.

This panel will discuss the key players in the retail media space, from traditional retailers to e-commerce giants, and explore the different approaches they are taking to build their media businesses. We will also examine the potential benefits and drawbacks of these networks, including the impact on consumer privacy and the potential for conflicts of interest between retailers and brands.

Overall, this panel will offer a deep dive into the rapidly-evolving world of retail media networks, and provide insights and perspectives on the implications for retailers, brands, and consumers alike.

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