PANEL 4: Shop & Walk – Automated Checkouts+

13 Jun 2023
14:15 - 15:00

PANEL 4: Shop & Walk – Automated Checkouts+

The rise of automated checkout systems has transformed the retail industry, making the shopping experience more convenient and efficient for consumers. This panel will focus on the latest trends and technologies in automated checkout systems, specifically those that allow shoppers to “shop and walk.”

We will explore the benefits of these systems, including reduced wait times, improved inventory management, and increased sales for retailers. We will also discuss the challenges associated with implementing these systems, including concerns around job displacement and the need for robust security measures to prevent theft.

Experts from the retail industry, technology companies, and academic institutions will share their perspectives on the future of automated checkout systems and their potential impact on the retail industry. Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges of these systems and their potential to transform the way we shop.

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