PANEL:  The Convergence of CTV and Location-Based Advertising: A Comprehensive Panel Discussion

PANEL:  The Convergence of CTV and Location-Based Advertising: A Comprehensive Panel Discussion

Moderator:  Cristina Perez – Samsung Ads

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, two prominent trends have emerged that are reshaping the industry: Connected TV (CTV) and location-based advertising. Our panel delves deep into the rise and integration of these two powerful advertising mediums, offering insights, analyses, and forward-looking perspectives.

Connected TV (CTV): With the proliferation of smart TVs and streaming platforms, traditional television advertising has undergone a significant transformation. CTV offers advertisers the ability to target specific demographics with precision, leveraging data-driven insights to ensure that ads are not only seen but are also relevant to the viewer. This shift from broad-based to targeted advertising on the big screen has opened up a plethora of opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in more meaningful ways.

Location-Based Advertising The ubiquity of smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices has given rise to location-based advertising, allowing businesses to send targeted ads to users based on their real-time geographical location. This form of advertising is particularly potent for local businesses, as it enables them to reach potential customers who are in close proximity, driving foot traffic and fostering immediate engagement.

The Intersection of CTV and Location-Based Advertising: The true magic happens when CTV and location-based advertising converge. Imagine watching a show on your smart TV and receiving an ad for a restaurant that’s just around the corner, offering a special discount for viewers of that particular show. The integration of these two platforms offers a seamless experience for consumers, while providing advertisers with unparalleled targeting capabilities.

During our panel discussion, industry experts will share their experiences, discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the merger of CTV and location-based advertising, and provide insights into the future of this dynamic duo in the digital advertising realm. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage these platforms for maximum impact, ensuring that their advertising efforts are both effective and efficient.


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