KEYNOTE: Everthing Is Local

13 Jun 2023

KEYNOTE: Everthing Is Local

The concept of location-based information has become increasingly important in our modern, connected world. From social media check-ins to GPS-enabled navigation, our lives are often defined by our physical location and the information that can be gleaned from it.

This keynote will explore the many ways in which location-based data is used in today’s society. We will examine the role of location-based advertising, the importance of geospatial analysis in urban planning and disaster response, and the ways in which location-based services are being used to transform industries such as transportation and marketing.

We will also consider the ethical implications of location-based data collection and use, including concerns around privacy and data security. By bringing together best cases from a range of fields, this keynote aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways in which location-based information is shaping our world and our understanding of it.

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