13 Jun 2023 – 14 Jun 2023
Mall of America, Minneapolis

RetailLoco Americas

Co hosted by the Mall of America – the Location Based Marketing Association provides this two day event with over 400+ attendees and will feature speakers exploring the latest developments in Retail Tech

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Location: Mall of America


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RetailLoco Americas 13 - 14 Jun 2023

at Mall of America

with topics for Brands and Store-Makers

CAN’T MISS: RetailLoco is back and even bigger co-hosted with the Mall of America

After twelve (12) successful RetailLoco events held in Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and during SXSW (Austin) we are excited to partner with the Mall of America to bring you the biggest one yet!  Past programs have covered topics as diverse indoor navigation, geo-targeted advertising, mobile payments, local search, data analytics and most recently the Metaverse.  Dozens of great keynote speakers from brands like: Weather, Radar, Coca-Cola, Disney, Lowe’s, Kroger, Waze, Digitas, Google, Glympse, MoodMedia, GameStop, Walmart and more.  The events also feature our BestRetailCases (case study awards platform) and our RetailTour program, where we take attendees to see retail innovation in action in the stores themselves.


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Prgramm 2023 - Mall of America

Two days with various topics around ....

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Day 1
13 Jun 2023

KEYNOTE: Everthing Is Local

The concept of location-based information has become increasingly important in our modern, connected world. From social media check-ins to GPS-enabled navigation, our lives are often defined by our physical location and the information that can be gleaned from it. This keynote will explore the many ways in which location-based data...
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Asif Khan

PANEL 1: The Experiential Venue

Moderator: Asif Khan, President The LBMA In recent years, the concept of the “experiential store” has emerged as a major trend in retail. This panel will explore what an experiential store is, why it’s become so popular, and how retailers are using this concept to drive engagement and sales. We...
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Chris Iles
Asif Khan

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION – aryve AR based indoor navigation

This case study will explore the latest developments in VPS technology and its potential for indoor navigation. We will explain the key challenges of VPS indoor navigation, such as the need for highly accurate positioning and real-time data processing. We will also examine the various applications of VPS indoor navigation,...
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Carsten Szameitat, President The LBMA and Director Partnership at aryve

PANEL 2: Metaverse Moves & Digital Twins

Moderator: Nathan Pettyjohn – VRARA The rise of the metaverse and digital twins is transforming the way we interact with and understand the world around us. This panel will explore the latest developments in these exciting new fields. We will discuss how digital twins are being used to create virtual...
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Nathan Pettyjohn

Inside DevHub –

Mark Michael – DevHub
Marc Michael

PANEL 3: Shop & Walk – Automated Checkouts+

The rise of automated checkout systems has transformed the retail industry, making the shopping experience more convenient and efficient for consumers. This panel will focus on the latest trends and technologies in automated checkout systems, specifically those that allow shoppers to “shop and walk.” We will explore the benefits of...
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Asif Khan

PANEL 4: The Rise of Retail Media Networks

Moderator: David Kaplan – AdWeek The world of retail is undergoing a transformation, with the rise of retail media networks playing a major role in this shift. This panel will explore the emergence of retail media networks, the opportunities they present for retailers and brands, and the impact they are...
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Trey Courtney, SVP – Global Chief Product Officer at Mood Media
David Glaza Founder & CEO of DIGITS
Sid Swaroop, Retail Media Networks
David Kaplan

PANEL 5: Leaning In To Last Mile

Moderator: Cami Zimmer – Glympse This is a data-driven age for Retail. Many are diving into sophisticated demand forecasting to help manage what is called the bullwhip effect – a distortion of demand and increased volatility that occurs as forecasts and orders move through the supply chain. The inaccurate forecasting,...
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Tijno Visser t Hooft
Bharat Pulgam
Gray Rentz
Alex Garcia, former VP Bed Bath & Beyond / Target
Cami Zimmer


Moderation: Asif Khan – Ground Level Patrick Wand – Mall of America® Elizabeth Grabowski – WaitTime The Mall of America is one of the largest shopping destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, with its size comes the potential for long wait times, which can lead...
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Elizabeth Grabowski
Patrick Wand
Asif Khan

DAY 1 – Closing Keynote Partnerships Create Better Experiences

Janette will speak about the technology alliance that they’ve created at SoFi Stadium/Hollywood Park. She will detail about multiple technology partners to create great guest experiences and focus on the use of location data/tech from partners like Willow, Samsung, Ticketmaster and Google Cloud
Janette Smrcka, VP of IT at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park
Day 2
14 Jun 2023

PANEL 6: Unlocking Retail Data Analytics

Moderator: TBD Carsten Szameitat – svarmony Hidetoshi Uchiyama – Unerry The “Unlocking Retail Data Analytics” conference panel brings together experts from the retail industry and data analytics field to discuss the latest trends and best practices for using data to drive business success. Topics to be covered include leveraging customer...
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Andrew Eklund , Founder of Ciceron | Entrepreneur | Gen X Leader | Digital Marketing Visionary

PANEL 7: Restaurant Re-Invention

Moderator: Jared Pfeifer In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has undergone a significant transformation. With changing consumer behavior and new health and safety regulations, many restaurants have been forced to re-invent themselves in order to survive. This panel will explore the ways in which restaurants are...
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Jared Pfeifer, Publisher at Food On Demand
Michael Pate, Point of Sale Manager at BBQ Holdings, Inc
Douglas Davis
Lauren Selman


Nicole Groß, CEO und Gründer ZIIB Zahlungssysteme GmbH

PANEL 8: Creating Great Customer Experiences

Moderator: Gim Garretson The “Creating Great Customer Experiences in Marketing” panel brings together experts in the field of customer experience to share their insights and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences that drive brand loyalty and business success. From understanding customer needs and preferences to designing seamless user journeys and...
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Todd Allard, CMO/SVP/VP Northern Tool + Equipment
Scott Moore, Co-Founder & CEO Colaboratory
Kim Garretson

PANEL 9: DOOH – Driving New Audiences

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for brands looking to engage with new audiences in innovative ways. This panel will explore the many ways in which DOOH is driving new audiences, including through the use of dynamic content, real-time data, and interactive experiences. We will examine...
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Moderator: Carsten Szameitat, President The LBMA Europe and Global Partnership Director at aryve Innovation in retail is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing market. This panel will showcase some of the best retail cases from around the world that have implemented innovative strategies to engage customers, increase sales, and...
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Carsten Szameitat, President The LBMA and Director Partnership at aryve

Retail Tour In Mall of America®

Join us for an exciting retail tour of Mall of America® one of the largest shopping centers in the world! Our expert guides will take you on a journey through the mall’s diverse retail landscape, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the world of retail. From high-end luxury boutiques to...
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Speakers & Partners RetailLoco 2022/23

Latest Podcast

Location Weekly – Episode 606

On episode 606 of #LocationWeekly we talk about InMoment launching their Experience Improvement (XI) platform, Mashgin sees self-checkout success in the resorts with Alterra Mountain, MKodo’s GeoLocs service ready for...
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Location Weekly – Episode 605

This weels episode of #LocationWeekly talks about Bumble partnering with Netflix, Strava acquiring Fatmap, Pinterest pilots clean room with Albertsons & Cooler Screens goes beyond the refrigerator aisle. Check it...
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Location Weekly – Episode 594

The weeks #LocationWeekly podcast features Mars partnering with Fetch for new loyalty rewards program, Burger King partners with Acrelec kiosks to promote Activision’s “Call of Duty” in-store, Digilant & Netsertive...
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Award Ceremony at RetailLoco Mall of America


Use-case solution tells a story that has been implemented with a retailer or brand. It can also show market-proven solutions and highlight why this solution with this customer is so special. What challenges and solutions this success story brings with it. The Best Retail Case Awards June 2023 award various solutions from location technology, marketing, services, eCommerce and also different retail software products to help for better business.

SUBMIT CASE: 6th June       I       AWARD CEREMONY: 13th June


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RetailLoco is organized by the international trade association for location-based technology solutions and marketing. With 1,400 members from 20 countries, it promotes exchange in the digital stationary retail world.

Every RetailLoco partner is automatically listed in the Best Retail Cases database. The initiative of the LBMA collects and shows cases around retail. In addition, the best applications and installations are honored with the Best Retail Cases Award.

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