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Day 1
13 Jun 2023

KEYNOTE: Everthing Is Local

The concept of location-based information has become increasingly important in our modern, connected world. From social media check-ins to GPS-enabled navigation, our lives are often defined by our physical location...
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Asif Khan

PANEL 1: The Experiential Venue

Moderator: Asif Khan, President The LBMA In recent years, the concept of the “experiential store” has emerged as a major trend in retail. This panel will explore what an experiential...
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Chris Iles
Asif Khan

KEYNOTE: Putting a digital face on physical stores using the Metaverse

In a world where digital and physical realities are increasingly intertwined, businesses must adapt and innovate. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a keynote presentation by Sami Khan, a visionary...
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Sami Khan

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION – aryve AR based indoor navigation

This case study will explore the latest developments in VPS technology and its potential for indoor navigation. We will explain the key challenges of VPS indoor navigation, such as the...
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Carsten Szameitat


Recent launches of XR platforms such as the Apple Vision Pro, the rise of digital twins, and the speed of change in Generative Ai is transforming the way we interact...
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Nick Roseth

Creating a Frictionless Guest Experience in Restaurants: Strategies and Technologies

In this session, we will explore strategies and technologies that restaurants can employ to create a seamless and frictionless guest experience in their venues. Discover how to identify and eliminate...
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TJ Schier

Insights, Innovations and Integrations in Retail Space / Interactive Format

Panel Discussion: Insights, Innovations and Integrations in Retail Space Moderated by: Asif Khan, Carsten Szameitat and Cami Zimmer The event will feature three round tables, each focusing on a specific...
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Asif Khan
Carsten Szameitat
Cami Zimmer

PANEL 4: The Rise of Retail Media Networks

Moderator: Asif Khan The world of retail is undergoing a transformation, with the rise of retail media networks playing a major role in this shift. This panel will explore the...
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Trey Courtney
David Glaza
Sid Swaroop
Asif Khan

PANEL 5: Leaning In To Last Mile

Moderator: Cami Zimmer – Glympse This is a data-driven age for Retail. Many are diving into sophisticated demand forecasting to help manage what is called the bullwhip effect – a...
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Tijno Visser
Bharat Pulgam
Gray Rentz
Cami Zimmer


Moderation: Asif Khan – Ground Level Patrick Wand – Mall of America® Elizabeth Grabowski – WaitTime The Mall of America is one of the largest shopping destinations in the world,...
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Patrick Wand
Asif Khan
Day 2
14 Jun 2023

PANEL 6: Unlocking Retail Data Analytics

Moderator: Carsten Szameitat The “Unlocking Retail Data Analytics” conference panel brings together experts from the retail industry and data analytics field to discuss the latest trends and best practices for...
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Andrew Eklund
Alex Garcia
Carsten Szameitat

PANEL 7: Restaurant Re-Invention

Moderator: Jared Pfeifer In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has undergone a significant transformation. With changing consumer behavior and new health and safety regulations, many restaurants...
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Jared Pfeifer
Michael Pate
Douglas Davis


In this case study, we show cashless payment acceptance via QR code – PAY WITH CHARLIE. Simple fast cashless payment acceptance with the customer’s smartphone. Without registration for the end...
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Till Freier, CEO Combase USA POS
Nicole Groß

PANEL 8: Creating Great Customer Experiences

Moderator: Gim Garretson The “Creating Great Customer Experiences in Marketing” panel brings together experts in the field of customer experience to share their insights and strategies for delivering exceptional customer...
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Todd Allard
Scott Moore
Kim Garretson


Moderator: Carsten Szameitat, President The LBMA Europe and Global Partnership Director at aryve Innovation in retail is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing market. This panel will showcase some...
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Carsten Szameitat

Retail Tour In Mall of America® by Cisco, Intel and WaitTime

Join us for an exciting retail tour of Mall of America® one of the largest shopping centers in the world! Our expert guides will take you on a journey through the...
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Day 3
24 Apr 2024

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